Tecnologie Galvaniche Innocenti was born in 1948 and the current industrial company is the result of the evolution of both the founder’s and his son’s handcraft experience.

Now the third and fourth generation of the family leads the firm.

The evolution keeps going on since its foundation, and nowadays we work in a modern factory 5000 m2 large situated in Anagni, not far from Rome.

The firm guarantees the quality of the treatment and the respect for the environment, for which it gained the ISO 9001 certificate. Furthermore, the productive plants support operations of great dimension (within 14 meters).

The main treatments are:

We want to talk a little bit about the phosphate conversion coating in zinc at high thickness. Its main aim is to increase the corrosion resistance of the metal.

We thought about the needs of all our clients, therefore our plants can support phosphate conversion coating for pieces of such dimension: up to 3800 mm length, 600 mm width, and 2200 mm height.

This kind of plant has no equal in the entire region and has very few competitors at the national level too.

It’s important to remember that the treatment is an excellent finishing for every mechanical piece, it guarantees wear and abrasion resistance and the process can also be sealed with the greasing process.

In automotive and ferrous metallurgy industries, where the products must be long-lasting and assure high quality, the phosphate conversion coating in zinc makes the treated pieces highly resistant to abrasion and weather distress proof.

Our prices are competitive and perfectly proportional to the quality, that we assure to be the best in our field.

We apply, then, as loyal partners to carry out the treatments described on your materials.
Contact us immediately to receive a free estimate, either following the form or calling us at our toll-free number 800126790.