Tecnologie Galvaniche Innocenti is a company that boasts over 60 years of experience in galvanic technologies.

Its origins starts back in 1948, when Luca Innocenti, the forefather of the family, opened a metal coating laboratory in the center of Rome.

In 1969 his son Giuseppe, who had helped his father in the metalcleaning since he was a kid and has also been always interested in the nickel electroplating and other kind of galvanizing
treatments, decided to open a laboratory where different operations could be done: copper plating, nickel electroplating, chrome plating, galvanization, brass electroplating, gilding, silvering.

That’s how the Innocenti Giuseppe’s Laboratorio Galvanico was born, based in Via Tuscolana, in Rome.

In this new 1000 m2 structure, Giuseppe’s productivity philosophy was inspired by his father’s handcraft laboratory. That’s why Giuseppe was called “galvanizing goldsmith”.

The competitive advantage of the Giuseppe’s Galvanic Laboratory lays in its ability to carry out specialized, technical and also highly personalized works, always within the deadline.

The strategic choice used by Giuseppe is to differentiate his products aiming at high quality standards and to be careful about the environment.

The Laboratory demonstrates to be capable to combine works for big customers, both in quantity and in dimension, with a meticulous treatment of the product.

It serves big leader firms of different fields: military, electronic, aeronautic, mechanical (such as Simmel difesa, FIAT Avio, Alenia, Contraves, Automelara, Galileo).

In the late 70’s the material required to be treated to galvanization processes became more and more.

Giuseppe Innocenti adapted to the market changes opening two new branches that could allow the increase of productivity without giving up the quality difference.

In order to maintain the identity and the values of the company in both of its branches, he decided to involve his son Leonardo and her daughter Barbara.

Leonardo, back at the age of 18, had become responsible for the productivity and cooperated with Giuseppe in public relations with the associations and in the marketing stuff.

The first of the two industrial plants designed, called Trattamenti Galvanici Industriali, opened at the end of the 70’s in Morena, in the suburb of Rome.

Leonardo and Giuseppe worked together and a few years later Barbara joined them.

The extension of the structure allowed to satisfy more efficiently the demand of the customers that previously addressed to Giuseppe’s laboratory, and also permits to better manage the increased productivity flow that, since then, came also from the construction industry, from the city planning field, infrastructure work, automotive, electronic, healthcare, optic, mechanic.

In 1985 the Innocentis opened the second branch designed, under the supervision of Leonardo.

The 5000 m2 structure in Anagni, near Frosinone, was called Tecnologie Galvaniche Innocenti in order to provide continuity to the image and identity of the group, but the productive plants have been mainly destined to coating, sandblasting and pickling.

The aim of this branch is to specialize in coating, thanks to the different productive lines dedicated to both powder coating and wet coating, always in respect of the weathering conditions.

Furthermore, the sandblasting plants, that carries out shot peening processes, guarantees the excellent quality of the final coating.

Since its birth, Tecnologie Galvaniche Innocenti constantly renewed its plants, up to the coating plant used for big works (14m x 2,2m x 3m) set up in 2010, which is compatible with the sandblasting plant.

These plants treat manufacturing products of big dimension, accelerate the deadline time and the level of personalization of every work, always maintaining high quality standards recognized by ISO 9001 certification.

The geographical position has also been chosen to respond to a particular need required by the evolution of the market.

By building the plants out of the town center, Tecnologie Galvaniche Innocenti could also afford three trucks of different size, in order to offer the customer the possibility to pick up and to deliver the products where is necessary.

Tecnologie Galvaniche Innocenti’s focus on coating treatment is based on the wish to provide a high differentiation to the final product, offering an accurate and specified service to the customers, always conciliating technological innovation with tradition, low costs with high quality, big dimension with handcraft personalization.

Furthermore, Tecnologie Galvaniche Innocenti offers to customers not only the coating treatment, but also sandblasting, pickling and carriage.The purpose is to completely satisfy the customers’ needs concerning galvanizing treatments, accurately selecting our partners responsible for other treatments potentially demanded, always guaranteeing the best price/quality ratio, to prevent our clients from the possible inefficiencies of different providers.

Nowadays Tecnologie Galvaniche Innocenti is able to respond in a total, competitive, prompt and reliable way to our Italian and foreign customers’ demand.

Given the flexibility of our productive lines, it responds to the needs of different firms: the automotive, mechanic, electronic, healthcare, heat engineering, but also the middle carpentry or the smiths production.

The competitive advantage we provide is based on our sensibility towards our customers’ needs, the meticulous attention to details and finishing, and also on the transparency of communication, an efficient, precise and advantageous production.

Tecnologie Galvaniche Innocenti is the development of the handcraft laboratory Innocenti born in 1984 and, despite being a firm of big dimension, the culture and the handcraft passion are still present because they belong to our DNA. Therefore the competitive advantage we provide is based on our sensibility towards our customers’ needs, the meticulous attention to details and finishing, and also on the transparency of communication, an efficient, precise and advantageous production.

That’s who we are.